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Namasivayam delivered an invited talk at World Mitochondrial Society 


Madhu's work on synergizing immunotherapy with targeted epigenetic induction of mitochondrial biogenesis got accepted in

CELL Chemical BiologyCongratulations Madhu!

Takuya Hidaka's work on targeted elimination of mutated mitochondrial DNA got accepted in CELL Chemical Biology,

Congratulations Takuya!

Japan's leading DNA nanotechnology Scientist Prof. Masayuki Endo joins as a Visiting Professor of our group, Welcome Prof. Endo!

Takuya Hidaka's protocol on mitochondrial genetic switch got published in Mitochondrial Medicine, Congratulations Takuya!


Dr.Sangamithirai Subramanian, Dr. Kandarp Joshi, and new graduate students joined our group, Welcome All!!

Congratulations Takuya Hidaka, Yutaro Tsubono and Tatsuya Kobayashi for graduation!


Yutaro Tsubono's work on using a near-infrared fluorogenic probe for live-cell imaging of telomeres got accepted in JACS. Congratulations Tsubono!


Takuya Hidaka's work on using a tri-arginine vector to enhance the accumulation of our synthetic transcription factor got accepted in RSC Chemical Communications. Congratulations Takuya!

Dr. Zutao Yu successfully got a Research Scientist position at the University of Cambridge and moved to Prof. Sir. Shankar Balasubramanian's lab. Congratulations Zutao!

Our pre-print on a novel chemical probe-based Nanopore sequencing is out and got hosted in Nanopore tech sequencing


Congratulations Team!

Dr. Soundhar attended and won "Merit Award" in 2020 Society of Research on Biological Rhythms Virtual Meeting

Congratulations Soundhar!

Our collaborative work with Prof. Balasubramanian Raman on using artificial Intelligence got accepted in IEEE Access and got extensive media coverage


First author interview of Dr. Zutao Yu got published


Our research on a new type of biomimetic synthetic code for epigenetic gene regulation got published in RSC Chemical Communications and got extensive media coverage


Mr. Takuya Hidaka visited our collaborator, Dr. Martin Stoddart, AO Research Institute through SNF-JSPS program

Dr. Zutao Yu visited United Kingdom using iCeMS Internationalization Program

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